Where is the Best Place for a New Kitten to Sleep?

Discovering someplace for your brand-new kittycat to sleep is a standard requirement when you initially bring a small cat into the house. It likewise requires to be something you provide a great deal of thinking prior to you actually going and selecting a kittycat!

Many people already have some indication, but what they do not desire is the kittycat to sleep anywhere however in its own bed– possibly a basket that’s been purchased specifically for it. They definitely do not desire a kitten discovering its method of using bed rooms or sleeping on sofas/armchairs. There are other feline owners who have no intent of segregating their cat from its human household and enable it to select where it desires to sleep.

If you choose that you desire the kittycat to sleep in its own bed– either in your bed room, or in the cooking area or other part of the home– then you require to guarantee you offer some appropriate idea to this. If you have a blanket that his mom had actually been sleeping on and still has her aroma or scent, simply put this in his sleeping basket and it will provide him a little added security.

Unless you want to give the kitten the idea that it’s ok for it to sleep on your bed, you shouldn’t bring it to bed even on the first few nights when it’s mewing for its momma. That would be setting a precedent that you will find hard to break once he gets into a habit of sleeping beside you. Instead you need to think about camping out on the floor next to his bed for a few nights until he gets used to his new surroundings.

Should you decide instead that kitty is welcome to sleep in whichever bed he prefers, then you need to take a few safety precautions to ensure that he isn’t suffocated or squished during the night. Arrange pillows or rolled towels around him to act as a buffer between and him – or if he has a small basket, see if there’s a place this can sit on the bed without being in danger of being kicked off!

Wherever you think the kitty is going to sleep, be prepared to get up and find him somewhere else! Cats in general have a tendency to be opinionated and do their own thing regardless of how it fits into your plans, so accept this from the get-go, and then if you try to get kitty excited about where you want him to sleep and fail, find a compromise that you can both be happy about!