Translating typical dream images

The images come across in dreams can sometimes be confusing, and lots of dreams seem to defy logical explanations. One factor this is so is that dreams tend to often utilize symbolic language to inform their story, and the stories told by the unconscious mind can be quite various from those experienced throughout waking hours. It is valuable to understand some common interpretations of a few of the most frequently encountered dream signs.

Imagining arms, or of being enveloped, can represent an unconscious desire to live your desires. This sort of dream often represents a kind of desire satisfaction. If you imagine your arms being connected or otherwise blocked, you may be feeling “restrained” or restricted in your waking life.

Many individuals presume that dreaming about in charge is due to anxieties about their task, but more often in charge in your dream represents a different authority figure in your life. In some cases, the one in charge may represent part of your own mind that is managing other parts.

Cats in a dream can have various meanings, depending on their context within the dream and on the private dreamer. Some typical interpretations of felines include representations of intuition, magic, femininity and sexuality. The dreamer’s personal sensations about felines are an essential part of finding their meaning in the dream world.

Death and passing away
Lots of people believe that dreams about the death of themselves or a loved one are prophecies, however that is seldom if ever true. Dreams about death or dying are typically manifestations of other worries and anxieties.

Dreams about eating are most typically metaphors for requiring intellectual or psychological nourishment, not physical nourishment. As always, the context of consuming in the dream will offer essential ideas to its significance.

Dreaming about fire often signifies enthusiasm or sexuality. Carl Jung felt that fire was a sign of transformation.

Dreaming about a flowering garden might represent the development of the soul, whereas a dream about a weed plagued or dead garden may indicate that the dreamer is looking for extra spiritual nourishment.

Hands can be either a positive or a negative sign, depending on their location within the dream and the context in which they appear. The look of clasped hands can represent contract or unity. A dream including cleaning hands can show that the dreamer has unsettled problems that need to be dealt with in the waking world.

Dreaming about being at work can indicate a feeling of being overworked, or of being overwhelmed by career concerns. It can likewise be an indication that you need to be more productive at work.

A lock in your dream may represent the dreamer’s failure to acquire what he or she requires. It can also be a sign that something is locked up within, things like feelings, talent or memory.

Dreaming about a nurse can indicate an unsettled need to be looked after.

Dreams about oceans or other big bodies of water are typically representations of the subconscious. The state of the water in the dream is a sign of the dreamer’s emotion. Therefore, dreaming of calm seas can indicate a peaceful psychological life, while dreams of high tides and tidal waves can suggest emotional disturbance.

The analysis of this symbol depends on its context. A handbag can represent a location to keep secret ownerships safe, but losing your handbag in a dream can indicate that you fear the loss of your power or ownerships.

Imagine school or class can represent finding out experiences in the dreamer’s waking life. Classroom dreams can likewise show that spiritual learning is happening. In addition, school or class dreams can show a yearning for the simpler life that youth represents.

Sigmund Freud saw trains as phallic symbols and this analysis is in some cases valid. Dreaming about missing a train may indicate you feel you have actually missed an important opportunity in your waking life, while dreaming of being a conductor can indicate you feel you are in control of your life.