The Ultimate Camping Accessories

Though people have been involved in hobbies and activities connected to the out doors and nature, now there is a renewal of enthusiasm for extreme sports. Very often, camping near the site is part and parcel of participating in skateboarding, snowboarding, biking or extreme surfing.

This fad has resulted in innovative advertising and marketing of camping gear and accessories. Part of the fun that the vacationers derive from these activities is acquiring these accessories.

However elaborate or expensive the accessory sets are, there are some basic things that are required for safety and survival during a camping trip and you must ensure that these are certainly there. Broadly camping accessory sets are classified into categories.

1. Shelter.
Tent with poles, rain protection by way of a tent cover and ground cover, insulated water proof pad and also a tent repair kit.

2. Kitchen.
Pots, pot holders and hangers, pot scrubber, other cooking utensils. Stove gear and fuel containers, a lighter or matches, windscreen and also a repair kit.

3. Sleeping gear.
A good sleeping bag and an inflatable foam pad.

4. Odds and ends.
A compass, sewing kit, first aid kit and other survival necessities. A knife, small shovels and saws.

Personal clothes should include long underwear, fleece pants and sweater, a down jacket or vest. Rain and wind gear, good insulating footwear suitable for hiking, camping shoes.

Good gloves, sun protection by way of a bandana or a hat, sunglasses. Swim suit incase there is a place to swim.

A good flash light, extra batteries.

5. Personal Hygiene.
Tooth brush, tooth paste, sun block, lip balm, toilet paper,

6. Other accessories.
A favorite book, an MP3 player, a camera.

New accessories like signaling systems and devices, radio transmitters and GPS receivers are now available to fulfill the need for security, survival safety of a camping trip.

It is legitimately understandable to be excited about getting all the camping accessories that you can, so long as you take care not to forget the basics in the process.