Retirement – The Beginning Of A New Life

Before the 19th or early 20th century, a worker will work until he dies or until a time where he can no longer perform the job he is entrusted with. If it’s the latter case, then he will have to rely on his life savings or from his family to meet his daily requirement. Nowadays, many developed nations have some sort of a pension scheme installed to provide some funds when a person retires in old age. This pension fund is contributed partly by the employee and partly by the employer or government, based on certain percentage of their salary or income. The retirement age varies from one country to another but mostly it is between 55 and 70, depending on the nature of work. In the United States, 65 is considered the normal retirement age.

Planning your retirement

Life after retirement is totally different. You no longer need to wake up early and prepare for work. However after a period of time, you’ll get tired of doing nothing. With no more income coming in at the end of the month, life soon gets a bit stressful.

So, how do you avoid getting into this situation? The simple answer is to plan your finances early. Start your own savings if you are not contributing to a pension fund. A fix portion of your salary should go into this account. To do this consistently over a period of time demands a high level of discipline. Most will fail after the first few months.

Another suggestion is to purchase an endowment policy. This is a life insurance policy that promises to pay a lump sum of money after a specified term or earlier if death occurs. Some policies may also make a pay out when the policy holder suffers a critical illness. When using this option choose a term which will roughly coincide with your retirement age. These are just a few of the suggestions to help you plan your finances.

Things To Do After Retirement

There are many things you can do after retirement. It is the time to do things that you do not have time to do while you are busy working. Many people choose to spend their retirement years on leisure activities. You could go on a tour for a change in environment after your retirement. Maybe go to places that you read from magazines or travel brochures. Some people engaged themselves to a daily round of golf. Whatever it is, it’s your choice and you deserved it.

Others choose to explore new careers opportunities after their retirement. Many people have used this option especially with the introduction of Senior Citizens Freedom To Work Act, 2000. This bill allows senior citizens to earn their salary without any reduction or loss of Social Security benefits.

Many other retirees have also ventured into business after their retirement. They could start a small shop doing the things they love. If you have a hobby like cooking, you could set up a small restaurant to continue cooking and getting an income for it.


Retirement is not just a date to stop working. It is the beginning of a new life – a life filled with excitement and anticipation. Much of it depends on you and how you want to continue living and contribute to the society after your retirement.