Remembering Bicycle Safety

Bicycle safety is a very important part of riding a bicycle. People ride bikes for many reasons including recreation and relaxation, for exercise, muscle toning, and weight loss, charity bike-a-thons, wine tours, bicycle races and many more!

Riding a bike can be such a rewarding experience, but proper bicycle safety is a must! The following paragraphs will discuss bicycle safety, as well as how it applies to different aspects of bicycle riding.

A person who wears a protective helmet to guard their head understand is very important when you are riding a bike. It is very easy to injure your head or brain if you are involved in a bicycle accident, fall off of your bike, or lose your balance while riding. By wearing a protective helmet, you are taking steps in the right direction to guard your head and brain from possible injury due to accident. Some examples of when a protective helmet is absolutely necessary include when a child rides a bike, when an inexperienced cyclist rides a bike, bike-a-thons, bike races and mountain biking.

Knowing you are protected can boost your confidence level, and make your bike riding experience more enjoyable.

In addition to wearing a protective helmet, there are instances when you may also want to wear protective pads when riding a bicycle. For example, when a child is first learning to ride a bike, they will often take spills. In order to prevent knee and elbow abrasions, there are knee and elbow pads available to wear while learning. This protective gear plays a very important role in bicycle safety, and not just for bike riding beginners.

During bike races it can be important to not only wear a protective helmet, but to also wear protective padding available for adult cyclists. Very often during bike races, cyclists will be involved in accidents and sustain injury. By wearing protective elbow and knee pads, a cyclist is decreasing his or her chance of serious injury in case this should happen.

No matter what reason you are drawn to get on a bike, knowing proper bicycle safety can help prevent serious injury. It is very easy to have an accident on a bicycle, and wearing the proper safety gear can help protect you in case of an accident. Any time a person who rides a bicycle they must first consider wearing all of the proper protective and safety gear.

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