Prepare Your Fishing And Camping Gear

Some people camp, some people fish. As for myself, I’m never really sure which category do I belong to. I mean, I love going out into the woods and camping out for a few days, either alone or with my family. But I also love fishing, as my wife and kids will probably tell you. If ever push comes to shove, I would probably say that I camp out just to fish. I cannot bear the thought of having just one day fishing or camping, so I usually plan my outdoor trips to last at least 2 days; enough time for me to enjoy the two things that I enjoy the most.

One of the most common problems that prevent you from fully enjoying your fishing and camping trip is finding out that you missed an important piece of equipment, just at the moment when you need it the most. These things have happened to me time and time again over the past several years, so I finally resolved to sit down and make a checklist to be sure that I bring everything I needed on my next fishing or camping trip. I should have done this years before, you know. It would have saved me a lot of trouble and frustration.

It’s a sure bet that you want to spend your time camping and fishing, not worrying about every little thing that you might have missed or left at home. This article might help you out in creating a checklist of your own. Of course, it’s not guaranteed that everything you may find here will suit you, especially if you just like to camp out and not go fishing during your trip.

For fishing, make sure you bring your fishing rods and your tackle box, of course. Open it up and check to see if you have your lures and your bait. I also bring along a depthfinder, together with a charger, cords, and a map. You might think bringing along a sunscreen is way overkill, but you’d be surprised at how many fishermen go home with sunburned arms and necks, so packing along a bottle of sunblock oil or lotion will definitely do you good. I also bring along a pair of gloves, a cap, and my sunglasses for good measure.

My sleeping gear usually consists of a bed or sleeping bag, and a pillow. For safety and convenience, I bring a fan or a heater, since you never know when you’d be sweating or freezing during the night. Of course there’s my trusty flashlight with extra batteries, and a radio, as well. I also bring some cords and 3-way plugs with me, just in case.

For food, I like to bring some sodas, fruit juices, coffee, sugar, and perhaps some cream. For cooking, I make sure I have plenty of salt and pepper, as well as some ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. If I can bring an ice chest, I pack away some cheese and butter, and ice, of course. My major food items would include a lot of steaks, burgers, and hotdogs, although I do include potatoes, onions, lettuce and tomatoes in my outdoor diet. I’m a sucker for being prepared, so I usually take a couple of canned meat with me as well.

Your eating gear should include plates, spoons, knives, and forks, as well as a coffee pot and some cups or glasses. Don’t ever forget your stove and your grill, plus a lighter, a pair of tongs, and some fuel. A large basin will serve as a dishpan, and bring some soap and extra water.

Now we come to the clothes. I make sure that I have at least 2 sets of clothes with me, like 2 or 3 shirts, 2 pants, 2 shorts, underwear and socks. I pack along a raincoat and a jacket for cold weather, too. For footwear, 2 pairs of boots and a pair of sandals should do just fine. Depending on the weather, I sometimes bring my snowshoes and an extra-warm winter coat.

These are the essentials that I make sure to bring every time I venture out on another fishing or camping trip. Of course, a first-aid kit and some grooming items always come in handy. If ever you have a motor home, then it will be no problem at all bringing all these items and then some. Make your own list, with some spaces to add your own favorite items, and enjoy the outdoors!