Packing Tips For A Camping Trip

Packing Tips for a Camping Trip

Camping is a pretty unique experience. You get to spend time away from the hustle of city life. Do you want to see a spectacular sight? Then sit or lie down under a night sky full of brilliant stars, they seem close enough to reach out and touch them.

Whether you are planning a long or short getaway, you never know what you are going to run into or what you may need. Let me give you some tricks and tips to planning and packing for a trip into the wilderness.

A. First you need to pick an area in your house and put all of your equipment in that area prior to packing. Try to start this process a few days in advance. This way you won’t forget something of major importance.

B. Take a good look at your equipment pile and when you think you have everything laid out, spend some time going over your camping list of things you want to bring and double check it.

C. When you are done packing your equipment, the next step should be getting your clothing together. Your clothes should be layered to compensate for changing temperatures and rain. Always bring spare clothing; you should always be prepared for the unexpected. Try to stay away from cotton as it dries slowly and offers little to no insulation when it gets wet.

D. Test all of your equipment before you head out. Be sure you know how your camp stove works and bring plenty of fuel. Do you lanterns work, is your tent complete?

E. Bring along several nylon bags to store your gear, and don’t forget the water purification tablets and a water bladder in case you are not near a reliable source of drinking source.

F. Plan your meals ahead of time. You want to be sure you have enough food.

All of the above mentioned items are useful; some are luxuries while others are necessities.