Making Tie Dyed Shirts

Do this project with your kids at the beginning of the summer and you will see them wear
it all summer long – their own summer uniform. Other articles of clothing can be tie
dyed too cotton shorts and jeans can be done instead or at the same time.

Materials you will need for this activity are clothing to be tie dyed, fabric dye (available
in most grocery stores in the fabric care aisle), rubber bands, gloves, and marbles
(optional). You can use various colors of dye, but for younger children it is easiest to use
a one-color version as per the instructions below.

With the rubber bands, roll up the shirt and place the rubber bands around the shirt in
various locations. Make sure that they are nice and tight – this is where the contrast will
come in as the dye will not touch the shirt where the rubber bands are. For different
effects, place marbles inside the shirt and then twist a rubber band around the marble.

The next step is to prepare the dye according to the packages instructions. Once that is
complete, an adult should put on the gloves and submerse the shirt (or other garment) in
the dye for the specified time. If you want brighter or deeper colors you can leave it in
longer. Most dyes will recommend rinsing at this point, when the excess dye is removed
let the child remove the rubber bands and marbles.

If you want to try multiple colors, start with the lightest color and progress to the darkest.
After each dunk into a different color dye add more rubber bands to the shirt.

They should be thrilled with the results and no two shirts will look the same. The shirt
will last the summer and beyond. Make one for yourself too; the kids will love your
matching summer uniforms.