Love, Relationships and Feng Shui

If you think that Feng Shui is only great for your home or your office, believe again. This can likewise be used for love and relationships. Here are some ideas you must understand.

  1. If you are married or in a relationship, hang photos of you together with your mate.
  2. For married couples, position a set of items in the far right corner of the bedroom otherwise called the southwest corner. A few fine examples are a pair of Mandarin ducks or cranes as these are symbols of marital happiness. Another is a heart shaped figurine made from pink quartz crystal.
  3. You surely have mirrors in the bed room. If they are dealing with the bed, relocate them since it shows the couple on the bed. Some believe that this will trigger a failure in the relationship due to the fact that of the entry of a 3rd party. Believe it or not, televisions are simply as unfavorable as mirrors do get rid of it.
  4. As for the bed, make certain that this is not in direct line to the door. This is due to the fact that the dead take your with your feet first. It should likewise be available from 3 sides as this will enable you to keep your partner.
  5. You ought to always deal with yourselves to fresh flowers and once they wilt, replace it. Never put these in the southwest corner of the space as this will clash with the aspect of love, namely earth.
  6. If there are any abstract, dark or unfortunate artworks in the bed room, take it out. These things motivate negativeness when this space must be peaceful and safe for those who sleep there. You can change it with a painting of Peonies, love birds or silk flowers as these represents love.
  7. You must never ever exercise in the bedroom since this represents effort that is often an obstacle of romantic space.
  8. Must the bed room doors squeak, fix it because it blocks romantic energy from going into the bedroom.
  9. For those who have toilets and unfortunately this is located on the south west corner of the room, don’t stress because you can repair it by hanging a 5 rod wind chime.
  10. The bedroom must be well ventilated so old energy moves out of the space.
  11. It will likewise be a good concept to purchase yourselves a present as this represents your relationship. Put this in a popular place in the room or the home so you have the ability to remember your partner.
  12. However what if you are still single? Well Feng Shui may likewise work for you. You do this by making a desire list of what qualities you desire in a perfect partner and also the perfect relationship. These are two various things and when you write it, be particular. It may not occur today or tomorrow but one day, your ideal partner will show up and you can have your dream come to life.

Feng Shui can assist you keep the love alive in your relationship by shutting out negative things and then welcoming those that are favorable. This might mean relying more of Yin which symbolizes womanhood more than Yang which is masculinity but it is all good as this causes a healthy balance with the opposite sex.