Keeping Animals out of your Plants

Felines and pets enjoy dirt, they dig in it, play in it and if a feline’s litter box isn’t tidy they might discover a back-up area in your potted plants. Some family pets will leave the dirt alone however are irresistibly drawn to the leaves, either to munch on or bat at. There is no sure plant however there are some pointers and techniques you can follow to make your animals leave the plants alone.

The most significant issue and the most harmful to an indoor plant is a feline choosing to utilize the dirt as a litter box. A feline will not like the feel of either of these products on their paws and will not feel comfy utilizing the pot as a restroom.

You can utilize a spray bottle of water to stop them from chewing on plant leaves or digging in the dirt. Because felines do not like anything from the citrus household you can put fresh citrus skins at the base of the plant too– their delicate noses will stop them from getting too close.

Keep your soil great and damp, not just is this helpful for the plant, felines will not take pleasure in digging in damp dirt. Some experimentation might be required till you discover the ideal service that works for your family pets. If all else stops working, purchase hanging plants rather or put the plants in an unattainable place.