How Family Members Can Help Students Complete Homework Studies

With the fast-paced environment we have today, it is only common for parents to have lesser time for their kids. Not because they want to, it’s just that the busy and competitive office or corporate world forces them to. Little do parents know that their office environment is not the only one that is getting more and more stressful—it’s also the school. Why? Because students are given tons of assignments without homework help to back them up.


Though now is a more stressful and busy world, it doesn’t mean that the parents should sacrifice the amount of time that they are giving to their kids especially those that are in school. If workload and busy schedule don’t permit them to provide homework help for the child who is in school, there are some other ways that this can be done.

Making homework help sessions a bonding time for the whole family is probably the best way to go about this. It doesn’t mean that the family members have to be complete at all times. What is important is the member of the family are willing to share some of their time to the child who needs help in doing his or her homework.

The following are other things that parents can try as well as other members of the family:

  1. Meet with the child’s teacher. This may involve a free-wheeling discussion about the child’s progress in school. But aside from the academic status of the child, meeting with the teacher can also be the best time to talk about homework help options that can be arranged within the school or after school hours. One great way to go about this is to ask the teacher to group children and assist or help each other for a specific homework. This might work because children can complement each other’s weaknesses. This can also help boost the confidence of the child because he or she gets homework help not from an adult but from his or her fellow student.
  2. Find time for “homework help sessions”. Although work can be tiring for older people, this is not enough reason not to find time to help kids or a younger sibling work on his or her assignment. It is a must that you keep a specific day wherein your schedule will be flexible so if the child or the sibling needs somebody to ask for homework help, you will be there.
  3. Set the “homework help session” time and venue. Making homework help as a family thing is something that would make the child happy. This is because he or she will feel that he or she is important since almost all members of the family talk about his academic difficulties. The most common venue and time is over mealtime, say lunch or dinner. But you can also make use of the TV time to help the child with his or her homework.
  4. Delegate a certain member of the family about a specific homework topic. Since not all members of the family are on call when the child needs some homework help, it is best if parents will delegate a specific member, say for a day or for a particular topic. This can be very helpful because the siblings as well as the parents can chose a subject where they think they are good at.

If there is only one child, the parents must divide the topics amongst themselves to tend to the child’s queries.