Having Fun Camping

Sleeping out in the wilderness in a tent or camper may seem a little bit intimidating with
children but it doesn’t have to be. Kids love to be outside and camping is a part of
growing up. If you really don’t think that camping out in the woods is for you, pitch a
tent in your backyard instead. With the exception of a campfire you can do all of the
other camp activities and crafts.

Some tips to ease any fears that your children may have about going camping:

  • Bring a flash light for each child and let them use it as much as they want (bring
    extra batteries too).
  • If the children are younger and are having difficulties going to sleep drive slowing
    around the campground and transfer them to their sleeping bag once they are
  • Playing soothing music or a lullaby disc will help to mask the sounds the forest
    makes at night time that can be scary to a child that is not used to it.
  • Bring their pillow and any other comfort item they like to go to sleep with (a
    stuffed animal or favorite blanket).

Let the children create their own memory jar from the camping trip or buy them their
own disposable camera. Have them photograph the camping trip and once the film is
developed let them make a book to write down all the memories that go with the pictures.

Bring along all the families favorite board and card games to play during some down
time too. Even if you do decide to camp in your backyard make it a time when there is
no TV, telephones or other electronic games. A great way to ensure quality family time
is created without the distractions from the outside world.