Hanukkah Cooking Traditions

Whether you are sincerely seeking opportunities to explore new cultures or you are Jewish seeking great recipes and cooking tips for this important time of year you’ve come to the right place to get some of the basics. For as long as family traditions have been around eating good food at these events and during these times has also been a part of the merriment. Unfortunately, all that great food cannot be eaten unless someone goes to the trouble of actually cooking it. If you are looking for some excellent treats to help with Hanukkah celebrations or simply want to get a taste of what other cultures experience during their religious or cultural celebrations there are plenty of great foods you should be cooking for this particular holiday.

Oil is important in the celebration of Hanukkah and, as a result, many of the foods that are part of Hanukkah traditions are prepared in oil. One popular favorite is Latkes, which are a type of potato pancake that is deep-fried. Another popular favorite is fried lamb chops. The lamb is breaded and then fried much like many Americans fry chicken. Once again oil is used in the preparation of the meal.

If you are looking for something more in line with finger foods or a snack sort of food you should consider deep-fried ricotta balls, fried zucchini, fried onion rings, and even fried mozzarella are good savory fried delights for the season of light. Of course, fried foods aren’t everything that is eaten during this 8-day celebration but they do play a vital role on the menu and in the festivities.

Even the sweet treats for this celebration include a few fried goodies. From apple fritters and raspberry doughnuts there are plenty of delicious fried foods for your snacking enjoyment. If you like something a little sinful to enjoy during this delightful celebration you might like to try blintzes in your favorite flavor. There are many from which to choose and recipes can be found freely online for these delicious treats.

If you’d like to include something a little healthier in your dining options then you might wish to include an Israeli salad, stewed white beans, and baked eggplant and peppers. These dishes provide the opportunity to have a little something that isn’t either fried or sweet to help watch waistlines that always seem to find room for expansion during the holiday season no matter which religion you practice.

Other Hanukkah favorites include delicious dishes such as cheese gelt coins, loukoumades, vegetable kugel, and brisket. Once again the recipes for these dishes are fairly widely available online and in cookbooks that are dedicated to Jewish cooking and traditions.

To make things go a little more smoothly prepare as much food as possible well ahead of time and store items quickly that may be used again in order to avoid spoilage. Enlist the help of children and other family members at home when needed to make things go a little better and take turns preparing food. You should also make great efforts to keep the preparation as simple as possible in order to avoid possible delays or added stress. This is a time that is supposed to be dedicated to celebration not pulling out your hair trying to cook the meals. The good news is that with so many deep fried foods it is unlikely that you will find these dishes too difficult to prepare. Good luck and have fun exploring the world of cooking for Hanukkah.