Grass Hopper It’s Your Fault Your Internet Marketing Business Is Not Working

Ok, You have heard of 1000’s of people making money on the Internet, the so called “Gurus” are telling you, do this, do that, programmers are saying use this script and that script and webmasters are luring you into their E-zines, teasing you with a bit of information, bit of the truth, only to sell you more products.

MLM companies got hold of your email address and they are sending you emails to join their downlines, others are telling you forget all that and use Adwords or Adsense.

Hey what about the Blog Brothers who wanted you to cash in on the blog industry? RSSfeeders? Ipodcasters? Membership sites ? And the list goes on……..

Hey this stuff costs money, only if you have a money tree in your back garden, giving you more money every morning you visit it, you would have bought them all. But that’s not real, nobody has a money tree in their back garden, if you disagree please let me know where I can find one ?

The reality is different, newbies come in with brand spanking new credit card, fuelled with the hype, by the time they are done with internet marketing they are drained of energy, lost faith in themselves because their credit card is maxed up and so used that it probably would pass as antic. They are now thinking that they have been lied to, all they see in their paypal or stormPay account is zeros without any of the following numbers in front of those 0’s 1-9. It’s not just their card that is maxed up but their hard drives as well, It is full of ebooks and software. But this doesn’t mean that they have read or used all the software they have. The reason they kept buying this stuff is simply they are looking for a magic bullet product. The ideal product that would read itself or install itself, market and collect money for them while they are watching. But the truth is, there is no such product.

If you don’t believe me, check your email account, how many emails do you receive from the same epublisher that you bought from or gave you free products trying to sell you something? How many ebooks do you have stored and still zipped in your hard drive? How many of those have you read in percentage? 2%, 10%, 50%, 90% or 100%? Even if you do read 2% you would notice that some are very informative where the author went through a lot of details to make his point across. Some just tell you what you already know. Others don’t say anything at all, their ebooks are full of affiliates links to make more money of you, squeeze that credit carda.

Yet everyone claims to make a lot of money on the internet and here you are sitting duck, frustrated, don’t know what to do, so many projects to do and you don’t have time, your day job, your family, your spouse is begging to you give up, you can’t focus and all this adds up to your stress of not making a dime. The budget is very limited and no where to go, confused you jump from business opportunity to biz Op, from a new program to another but yet no money is coming in, you have just invest $197 on a product in the hope that you would resell it and make more money, now you just want to break even, but you can’t even do that because someone else is selling it for nickel on Ebay.

How do I know all this, well guess what? This is how I was, and this is what my subscribers are telling me when they are describing themselves, I have been on the internet since 1999 and I have been in so many programs that I lost count, I have upgraded my hard drive 5 times.(thank God for DVD writer now days I don’t have to do that any more). My head was spinning, I had a gamblers syndrome, when I wanted to throw in the towel I sold something which gave me hope to stay on. In short I was grasshopper, and if you are feeling this way right now, you are a grasshopper too? I should have formulated the Grasshoppers foundation, because I know now that there are more people like and me. but that’s your fault why none of those opportunities work for you, first you are not focused, second you don’t have goal, third you want to make quick money and you want to run before you walk. You want to compete with the big guys without knowing how?

Look at the big boys, don’t you think that they know all this, yet you see them specialising in one thing or most two. Either e-zines or blogs, or both. Ebay or adsense, or adwords. They master one thing before they go on to another, if they ever do. Specialising is the key? Why? The answer is focus. Did you know that a laser beam can cut metal, but your house light couldn’t cut through a feather. Why? The answer again is focus. The laser beam is focused light, concentrated light. When you focus your thoughts on one thing and you put your heart and soul into it, there is no way that it shouldn’t work unless you sabotage your own success.

But for now here are the guidelines you need to follow:
Set a goal “What do you really want out of this?”
if it is money, set exactly how much and when.
Use the method “As if?” How would you feel if you have already achieved your goal?
And use that feeling, anchor it and carry it with you.
Focus on one subject and learn as much as possible about it.
Don’t jump to other programs stick to one field until you master it. Put your credit card away, lock it.

Apply what you have learned, write about what you have learned. Have this in mind:
Internet is an ever changing place, and what makes sense yesterday may not today. So try to experiment with new ideas, you have nothing to loose.
If you do have customers, be honest with them and treat them with respect, don’t lie to them and don’t insult their intelligence.
Set your mind for success, believe you will success. In the subject of belief, here is a tip:
wishing alone doesn’t work, you need to attach emotions to that. Feel success, think of what you really want, and ignore the little voices that distract you to think of what you don’t want. One booster of this technique is being grateful, be grateful for being alive, grateful for your health, (no matter how you feel, there is someone, somewhere who feels worse), grateful for your family, for the knowledge you have, for the opportunities, etc..
Affirmations of gratefulness are the key to success, because when you are grateful you are sending a message to the universe, God, whatever you believe in that you don’t lack anything, and for some weird reason, you will get what you are grateful for. Love yourself for who you are, remember you are unique in this universe, even if you have an identical twin you are still unique, you should celebrate that uniqueness and finally, associate yourself with successful people.