Giving Dad Home Style Cooking on His Big Day

There is no one on earth quite like dear old dad. He has given hugs, offered advice, picked up the pieces of your broken heart, and been the source of many twenty-dollar bills finding their way into your pockets unexpectedly for gas or a new pair of shoes. This man has meant so much to you throughout your life. Do you honor him on his special day with a trip to some nameless restaurant where he is little more than table number 23 or do you cook him a feast fit for the King her really is in your heart?

A little hint, most dads prefer home made food (provided of course you have a firm grasp on basic cooking skills) to a restaurant menu almost any day of the week and twice on a day that should be sacred for family. For this reason it is a great idea to prepare to put on a fest for your dad whether you are planning for your family and mom and dad or bringing the entire family to the table you need to plan carefully and prepare as much of the food as possible ahead of time.

Be kind to dad too and his health. Avoid laying out a table of his favorites if they are all completely off the charts for his dietary and health restriction needs. Chances are that you can find low fat, low cholesterol, or low sodium versions of most of his favorites if you do a thorough search online. You can also find plenty of recipes for sugar free treats that are delicious and friendly to those who either have type II diabetes or those who need to shed a few pounds because of other health concerns. Of course you do want dear old dad to live a little and enjoy the foods you prepare but do try to keep some of his dietary needs in mind and offer choices that fit in with his needs as well as his favorites.

Is your dear old dad a steak and potatoes kind of man? If so, feed that need. Offer a nice steak prepared in a low fat, low sodium method and a small side of potatoes with a large side of steamed or raw vegetables. This will be a good balance on the plate and should also leave a little bit of room for an excellent dessert later on. Of course if comfort food is your dad’s mainstay we are seeing new and improved recipes crop up almost every day that provide as much of the great flavor as possible without the fat, calories, and/or carbs.

Of course if your dad is the kind of man who is going to eat what he wants no matter what, there is no reason not to give him what he wants. Just make some efforts to minimize the impact by lowering where you can while still providing the taste he loves so much. Be sure to offer a nice selection of dear old dad’s favorite drinks too. Preparing an excellent father’s day feast goes well beyond just throwing a few steaks on the grill. Desserts should be something dad will enjoy and fresh fruit is another great option to add for a healthy choice and a bit of variety. The important thing is that you have taken the time to prepare and cook a great meal for the man who has given you so much on this special day.