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If you are planning to buy Internet domain name for your online business, there are few things that should be kept in mind during and after the procedure of domain name registration. The foremost thing that has to be thought about in the entire process is to select a domain name for your online business. This may sound very easy at this point of time, but with the proliferation in online business, thinking of a unique domain name that reflects the purpose of your website is a very difficult task. It involves a lot of brainstorming sessions along with an in-depth search over the entire thing.

You can discuss about the domain name with your friends and family members and finally choose the one that best suits your requirements. Your domain name should be the one that is short, simple, reflects the purpose of your business and easy to remember by the users. It is not necessary for your domain name to be the one similar to your company name, until the name of your business is popular enough to be known like brand name. Once you have thought about a suitable domain name, you can move further for domain name check to see if the domain name that you are thinking about has not already been taken by anyone else. Once you have verified that your domain name is unique, do not delay the process at all and go for your domain name registration. These services are mainly provided by the website hosting providers only along with other services, but you can also get them done through separate service providers who only register domain name. Do not forget to check if your registrar is a certified ICANN registrar for domain names. This is because; only ICANN registrar is the one that certifies businesses which have the right processes and technology. Besides, this gives you a platform to complaint with ICANN in case your service provider fouls you.

You can also consider domain name transfer, if you are not satisfied with the previous one. However, if you are also willing to change your domain name registrar as well, make sure that it is at least 60 days old; otherwise ICANN registrar will not allow it. However, if you want to renew it with your previous registrar only, wait for at least 45 days, otherwise the amount paid for renewal will not add one more year to your previous date of expiry and instead, the money submitted will go waste.

It is better to do a thorough search before selecting a web host or a registrar because, you will have to be associated with them for the coming few years. You can read reviews, talk to people over the discussion forums and ask for their experiences with particular web host or registrar. This way, you will know both their pros and cons and select the best domain name registrar or website hosting provider that will ensure the success of your online business.