Do You Have a Creative Retirement Plan?

Many people gripe at the drudgery that is their daily work grind. You could actually hear and audible sigh every Monday when workers one-and-all would have to trudge back to their cubicles at 7:00 AM sharp. They rejoice at every opportunity there is to slink from work – holidays, vacations and other excuses from work.
These people long for the day when they could hang their coats at home for good and kiss their working days goodbye. And when at long last their retirements come, they sit on the couch on an early Monday mornings basking in the fact that they need not bother the punch clock no more, they look out the window and ask themselves:
“What now?”
You may not think that work is desirable. However, when considering the day when you will have to work no more, your biggest problem will be what to do next.
A creative retirement plan is a must if you are to enjoy the days following your retirement. Often people do not plan for their retirement. They simple wait for it. In every aspect of life, planning is important. You might just find yourself flatfooted and depressed if you are not able to contemplate what to do with your golden years.
No Interests?
Some eagerly await their retirement because it gives them an opportunity to pursue their interests. If this is the case for you, you should plan ahead to make the most out of your retirement days.
If you always wanted to learn the piano but never had the opportunity to do so because of work. Now is the time to do so. You could enroll for piano lessons. Do not let age or upbringing distract you from this.
Try learning to paint. Write a book. Join a jogging group. There have been many famous artists and writers who only took up their pen at an advanced age.
If you think you would be too old to be learning something like this, think again. There have been many people who took up meaningful hobbies in their advanced age. And some were even able to excel at those hobbies. It never is too late to learn something new. If you’ve heard the saying, “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks,” don’t let it apply to you.
Learning Shutdown
Some adults have developed a way of thinking that has effectively destroyed their ability to learn. As long as a person is alive, he or she is capable of learning. Some people do not adhere to this thinking. But for a person to continually improve, and enjoy life, he or she must continue learning.
Learning something new adds to one’s sense of accomplishment. It gives a person an interest to pursue and a hobby to enjoy.
Travel Time
Retirement time is also travel time. Man has always been fascinated by faraway places. A vacation that takes a person to a place other than what he calls home could be an exciting and fulfilling event.
Before retirements always make sure you plan for events such as this. Traveling to exotic locales could be a dream come true for you or your partner.
Family Time
Work has the nasty habit of coming between parents and their families. Retirement might be the only way you could spend quality time with your spouse or children. If you have not considered such an activity as something worth planning, think again. Even visiting children and grandchildren will cost you a fortune.
Set Limits
At an advanced age, you might not be able to do everything anymore. However, there remain for you a vast and varied number of hobbies and interests. Set your limits according to your capabilities and participate in such. Be considerate of your body. But remember that even though your body may weaken, your mind may always remain sharp.
Allocate Resources
Being retired without anything to do is one of the cruelest punishments one could endure. However, with a little creative planning, you could spice up your retirement with various plans and activities.
These activities, however, will cost you. Make sure you allocate sufficient resources so you may be able to enjoy these activities. These resources include money, time, effort and desire.