Common Injuries From Playing Golf

Many golfers have questions about their injuries such as back pain, elbow pain. Some of them have questions about the pains that persistent, but some pains happen and just disappear in very short time without any additional treatment. Some of them have a symptom of cramp at the same point very often, and they want to know about the cause as well as the way to cure.

In fact, this type of pains is very general for golfers, although they have a good exercise and training. As a golfer, you should know about these common injuries in order to protect your self form serious injure.

Common injuries are

Muscle sore
Muscle sore can happen very often. Muscle sore can happen to both group of muscle that often used and group of muscle that rare used. The muscle sore happens when the tissues called “Microscopic” has injured or tear. This type of muscle sore is the injury that happens to only external cell and tissue (Micro Trauma), which generally has no serious impact. You may only feel a little sore but still be able to move the organs normally. These types of injuries require only 1-2 day recovering without additional treatment and you may not have to go to hospital. However, you can get some kind of slight treatment such as massage. After the pain recover, you will feel that the muscle is more fit and strong.

Muscle pain during/after exercise
Muscle pain generally happens when you finish exercises that use one particular muscle group continuously. Using one particular muscle group continuously, the body will generate Lactic Acid, which is the chemical reaction within the muscle cells that make you feel pain. However, this type of symptom is not actually a deep pains, If you leave it for a while until the muscle get enough oxygen then the pain will self recovery. However, you have to be careful about the symptom of pain that may happen to specific area, if you feel very pain when move so you should be aware that there might be a deep pain to that area.

Cramp is a reaction of the muscles that suddenly shrink and stuck for very short time, generally 1-5 minutes and the person who get cramp will have very deep pain at the spot of crump. The cause of crump is that the muscle has been used continuously for long time and loosing a lot of sweat. So you should drink water during the exercise often to prevent yourself from crump. The area that common get cramp are foot, calf, thing, stomach. You should stop exercise immediately after you got crump and relax the muscle until it recovers.

Recovery method (R.I.C.E.)
Rest: Do not continue exercise if you got pain
Ice: Use ice contained in plastic bag, massage at the spot of pain immediately after got injuries for about 3-4 hours
Compression: Bind the area of pain by using bandage to protect form movement and hit, but be careful not to bind too tight
Elevation: Lift up the organs that pain to relieve blood circulation. If you has arm injury, hanging the arm and make sure that the level of hand is higher than elbow.