Cross Stitch Ideas

Here are some cross stitch tips that will help you a lot with your cross stitch projects. GETTING STARTED Always start stitching from the center of your fabric. To find the center on your fabric, fold the fabric in half twice. The center will be at the intersection of the two folds. Finding the center …

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Beaded Lanyards

The typical lanyard is a length of basic rope, wire, or cloth that is designed to secure a small object. They are often purchased in large quantities and are fairly inexpensive. Many employees wear lanyards around their neck to secure identification badges while on the job. Beaded lanyards can be as basic as an inexpensive …

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Candles are very cheap: you can get hundreds of small candles in a bag for the price of a Happy Meal, and the bigger ones aren’t much more expensive. When it’s so easy to just buy your candles in a shop, why on earth would you want to make candles yourself? Well, that’s like asking …

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