Camping Equipment Check

You will have a more relaxed and enjoyable camping vacation if you are well organized. A sound camping equipment check will help you do just that. Whether you are going for a week end or a fortnight you also want to check where the campsites are at the location you want to go. It is a good idea to call ahead and make sure that there will be a space for you. This is especially important if the period includes a national holiday. Make sure that you have some knowledge of the area in which you’ll be staying before you decide to stay there. If you plan on taking the family dog check whether that’s allowed at the camping site. If it isn’t then you may need to find a kennel.

When camping, the following list includes basic equipment needed for all camping trips.

* Tent
* Ground sheet
* Tent poles
* Tent pegs
* Sleeping bags
* Camping stove and kettle
* Blankets – it gets cold at night
* A large torch
* Portable lamp
* Portable toilet
* Pots, pans and cutlery
* Insect spray
* Water carrier – you don’t want to be trekking for this every five minutes

If you’re a seasoned camper you can probably think of other camping equipment that you would consider essential. It is a good idea to make your lists well in advance as people often forget the silliest things. As you are packing check your camping equipment and make sure that everything is in good order. There’s nothing worse than putting your tent up and finding a split in the top.

Many campsites will have a camp shop for daily necessities and some may even carry pieces of camping equipment – but it is best not to rely on it. Make sure that you have tea/coffee, soda, dried milk, and water. The first thing you will want once you’ve arrived and put up the tent is something to drink. Take some cookies and potato chips or your favorite treats for late night munching.

If this is a family holiday then don’t go without some books and games to keep the kids entertained. You might also want to add aspirin, bandages, and antiseptic cream to your camping equipment list. Whatever you do don’t go without matches and paraffin (if that’s what you use) to light the stove. Always take some insect repellent and sunscreen even if it isn’t summer. You’ll need it because you’ll be spending time in the outdoors. Make sure that you have towels, soap and toothbrushes and toothpaste before you finalize your camping equipment check list. Have a great, stress free vacation.