Bird Twig Wreath

This is a very attractive wreath and a very popular one. You will want to gather a supply of twigs which are long, thin and pliable. You will also need craft wire, 22 to 24 gauge, wire cutters, a glue gun, glue sticks and a wreath base. You will also want some bird picks, the choice is yours, an artificial birds’ nest, wooden eggs, small ones, and a large ribbon.

You will want to cut the twigs into about ten inch lengths. Take a handful of twigs, choosing an amount that seems right to you, bind them firmly together and cut the wire, securing it and then tucking it into the twig bunch which you have just created. Continue this until you have created what you feel are enough bunches to cover your wreath base. Take a wreath bunch and fasten it securely to the wreath bases with craft wire. Continue this until you have completely covered the wreath base. Cut the craft wire and secure it firmly into the wreath.

Now you will want to take the birds’ nest and secure it firmly to the wreath. Take a ten inch piece of craft wire and fold it into a “U” shape. Poke this thru the back of the birds’ nest then stick the ends of the wires through the twig bunches at the bottom of the wreath and secure the wires firmly to the wreath base, tucking them in so that they are completely covered by the twig bunches. Now hot glue the nest to the wreath bunches to give it added security and stability.

Next glue the artificial eggs into the birds’ nest. Depending upon the breed of the bird which you have chosen, you may or may not want to paint the eggs first.

Now take your bird picks and place them where you would like them on the wreath. You may also want to use your glue gun and glue to make sure that they are securely attached.

Take your ribbon and form a large bow and glue it securely to the top of your twig wreath. You now have a beautiful twig wreath, which can be used at any time of the year. I hope you will enjoy it and take pride in your work.