Balancing with Feng shui

Perhaps one of the oldest forms of geomancy on the planet is Feng shui which stemmed from China more than 3500 years ago. This ancient practice is literally translated as wind and water and is based on the belief that life can be significantly improved with the assistance of Qi or energy flow. This Qi can be produced by achieving balance or consistency through making use of the laws of paradise, which refers to the study of astronomy and earth, which is related to the research study of location.

The function of the application of this practice is to locate that Qi or that crucial energy in your surroundings by developing balance and consistency around you. Here are some Feng shui theories that can offer you a better grasp of this principle of balance and energy.

The Power of Qi

Qi is all over and the key is to find it. This energy is an outcome of interactions in the environment like the yin and yang and the five components of water, fire, earth, metal and wood. This theory thinks that the method you arrange your surroundings and position particular objects around you can impact your energy levels. It also believes that these energy levels can even influence your health, wealth, relationships and even luck. By appropriately arranging your environment, qi can stream through the space freely and can create a positive effect to those who live in the area.

The Union of the Yin & Yang

The yin and the yang are two opposing forces or energies that collaborate developing a unity of opposites. The yin is identified as the passive energy that is connected with the attributes of water, cold, peace and inflammation while the yang is explained as the active energy like those from heat, fire, excitement and speed. In other words if yin is matter, yang is energy and neither of them can exist without the other. The key to understanding this practice is to attaining a proper balance of yin and yang in our environment.

Balance through Bagua

The bagua is a popular Feng shui instrument that is formed like an octagon and is divided into the eight cardinal directions of North, South, East, West, North East, North West, South East and South West. The theory of the bagua is that each of these instructions represents a part of our life. For instance, the North part of the bagua pertains to one’s career while the south pertains to the fame or track record of a person. The other categories of the bagua are family, kids, prosperity, relationships, knowledge, and travel.

The theory of the bagua likewise believes that each of the eight instructions relate to a part of our life and in order to activate the energy or enhance a particular part of our life is to discover the instructions it corresponds to and make the qi flow into that space favorably.

Discovering the Harmony

Comprehending and valuing the art of Feng shui is accepting that there is an existing relationship between you and your environment. The theories of this practice present info on how an individual can achieve balance and consistency with the environment which can have a fantastic impact in particular areas of an individual’s life.

Although everyone has their own capacities in the area of health, wealth, relationships and luck, what this practice truly teaches is how to improve these areas for practitioners to make the most out of their lives.