Avoiding Credit Card Penalties

It is a sad fact of life that credit card companies are very willing and fast to slap a penalty charge on your account for every mistake, delay and slip up you cause, immediately and without a second thought. These penalty charges can amount to millions of dollars taken from consumers each month. They are a necessary part of all credit card operations and are fair in the sense that it means that customers who do everything correctly and on time are not penalised for the extra work and expense that other customers cause, but what you will want to do is make sure you are not one of the unlucky customers that is paying for these extra expenses.

The best way to avoid these penalties is to look at the entire situation from the point of view of the credit card company. Really, all they want from you is to keep your card safe, to stay within your credit limit, and to make at least your minimum payment, on time every month. If you manage to do these simple tasks you will avoid ever incurring a penalty on your account.

The problem is that it is very easy to slip up on these things. It’s not easy at all to keep track of your outstanding balance, especially as we use credit cards for more and more things and companies begin placing holds and other such transactions on customers accounts without them necessarily knowing or understanding about them. Then there is the fact that it is very easy to forget or become late on a payment. Every one has busy periods in their life and sometimes we simply have other more important things on our minds than paying our credit card bill on time. Some people are less organised than others and for them it can be very difficult making sure all their credit cards are paid out in full and on time.

If your card is lost or stolen without any fault on your part, and you call your credit card company as soon as you find out, you will only be liable for a maximum of $50 dollars. And if you manage to let the credit card company know before any thing has been spend on your stolen card you will not be liable for any thing. This is also the rule that applies for identity theft and fraud so you can feel safe using your credit card online. Taking a few simple steps can mean you are virtually never subjected to credit card penalties.