Applying for An Instant Approval Credit Card Online

Instant approval credit cards are a convenient way to apply for a new card. With these cards, you can usually find out in less than a minute if you are instantly approved for a card. Better yet, applying for an instant approval credit card online is really quite simple.

Finding the Right Card

The first step in applying for an instant approval credit card is deciding which card you want. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of instant approval credit cards for you to choose from online. Be sure to thoroughly research them all to find the one that is best for you. Things to look out for include: annual fees, interest rates, and additional fees. If you have good credit, be sure to only apply for an instant approval credit card without associated fees or a high interest rate. If you have a poor credit history, be sure to compare instant approval credit cards met for those with a less-than-perfect credit history and find the one with the least amount of fees and the lowest interest rate.

If your credit is really bad, you might want to consider a secured instant approval credit cards. These cards require you to pay money up front. The money you spend with one of these credit cards is actually your own money that you put on the card. Make sure the card reports to the credit bureaus before wasting your time applying. If the card does not report, then it will not help you rebuild your credit. If you have good credit, you shouldn’t even bother with a secured instant approval credit card, unless you are a parent looking to get a card to use with your high school or college student child.

Completing the Form

Instant approval credit card online forms are the same as the forms you would complete for a traditional credit card. You will be expected to give the potential lender your social security number, name, and address. You will also need to supply the potential lender with employment information, such as the name, address, and phone number of your employer. You will also be asked to provide your annual household income. It is up to whether or not you want to include income such as child support or spousal support when reporting income. In general, the higher your household income, the greater your chances of getting approved and of receiving a higher credit limit. Never lie, however, as this information is really needed mostly to protect you from putting yourself at risk of going bankrupt.

If you are applying for a secured instant approval credit card, you might not need to supply quite as much information. Many secured instant approval credit cards, for example, do not require employment information. As long as you have the money to place on the card, the lending company isn’t much concerned about verifying your employment. Often, however, you will need to have a bank account in order to electronically transfer funds from you bank account to the secured instant approval credit card.

No matter what type of card you are applying for, be sure you are submitting the information on a secured site. You will know if the site is secured because there will be a small icon of a lock located either in one of the top or bottom corners on your computer screen. A site that is secured prevents hackers from being able to access your personal computer. Any reputable credit card company will have a secured site. If the site is not secure, do not do business with the company.

The Moment of Truth

After you complete the online application form, you will generally find out in less than a minute whether or not you qualify for the instant approval credit card. Don’t be disheartened, however, if lending company does not instantly approve your card. Often, this is simply because the company needs to look more closely at your credit history. Generally, this process will only take a couple days. Therefore, an instant approval credit card is still a faster way to get approval for a new credit card than a traditional credit card, which can take up to eight weeks to be approved.