Convert PLR Blog Articles Into Different Formats

The idea of using PLR blog articles is a fantastic way to get traffic to your sites and visitors to opt-in to your mailing list or RSS feed. This is a technique that has been used by many online marketers to generate quality targeted traffic to their websites. When using PLR Blog Articles you should be tweaking and writing to a specific niche and you should write in a specific way, preferably in your voice and your style. If you want to know how to make money with PLR blog articles continue reading on.


When I first started out creating free content for my newsletter, I made every effort to ensure the content was high quality and would attract my targeted audience to sign up to my list. The only problem was that it was difficult to create good quality PLR blog articles because of all the poor quality PLR content that was available on the internet. There was very little information available about niche topics that were highly profitable. In fact, most of the PLR content that I found was very poor quality.

I soon realized that there was a need to create good quality free content and this is where I learned the benefits of using PLR article creation. First of all, I discovered that using PLR articles I could easily create very high quality unique content for my online business, newsletter, blogs, and my personal website. Once I learned how to use PLR articles by tweaking, rewriting, adding images, graphs, videos, and more, I began to create even more unique content that would attract even more attention. By learning the ins and outs of PLR content creation I was able to create high-quality content that would really convert in one way or another. This is why I never spent any money on certain products, rather I concentrated my investment on creating high-quality PLR content that would help drive targeted traffic to my sites and pages.

I then created and added various PLR niche blogs along with daily emails. By using a variety of PLR blogs, as well as the different kinds of PLR content creation methods I was able to grow my email list. By building this email list I was able to send these visitors useful tips and other free resources. The more unique high quality content that I added to my website, the more successful it became.

So what did I use to create this high quality content? Well, I used two different kinds of PLR blog articles and one of these articles had to do with converting PLR files into different formats. This was actually quite hard in the beginning, as I really didn’t understand at first the idea of product creation. I had to think outside the box with many of the PLR blog articles I was using.

  • Rewrite PLR articles
  • Tweak certain paragraphs
  • Add new keywords to articles
  • Create videos
  • Create slides
  • Create an eBook
  • Create stories
  • Create infographics
  • Create images
  • Create audio

Once I was able to understand and grasp some of the ideas, everything else just seemed to work. Everything began to fit into place. Of course, not everything was a success, but I was learning (and still learning today) and putting into action various forms of producing content. One of the things I really enjoyed was the idea of creativity. There is really no limit on how you can transform PLR blog articles and create something unique, informative, and even entertaining for almost any niche idea or project.