A Guide to Your Sewing Basket Essentials

Every home should have a basic sewing basket at the ready for those times when you need to sew on a quick button or fix a ripped seam. By having a sewing basket will all of your basic sewing essentials in one place, you can be ready for any small sewing emergency which might crop up at any time.

The first thing you will need to have is a sewing basket itself. You do not need to go out and purchase a basket made especially for sewing; any box with compartments will work great. Many people prefer to use a fishing tackle box because they give you a lot of small compartments to store your various items in. By having many compartments you can keep your sewing basket in order and free from clutter.

Once you have your sewing basket or box, it is time to start acquiring the necessary basics you will need to sew. There are a few things that every sewing basket should have. They are:

Sharp Scissors

Using dull scissors is one of the most frustrating things you can do when you are sewing. Dull scissors make your project much harder than it needs to be. A good quality pair of very sharp scissors will save you a ton of frustration and time. Your projects will also turn out better and have cleaner lines to them. Having a sharp pair of scissors available without having to hunt around the house for them is a must for any sewing basket.

A Variety of Pins and Needles

What you will be sewing dictates which needles you will need. Needles come in a variety of sizes and sharpness to be used with different fabric types. In your sewing box you will want to have very sharp needles and some which are blunt ended. You will also want to have large needles and small ones. In addition to needles you will want to have plenty of pins to use to hold things together while you are sewing them.

Magnetic Pin Holder

Rather than a traditional fabric pin cushion, a magnetic pin holder can make your use of pins and needles easier. Also, when you are finished for the day, you can simply wave your magnetic pin holder over your work area and attract up all of the stray pins before they end up on the floor and in someone’s foot. A magnetic pin holder is a staple for any sewing basket.


No sewing basket is complete without threads. You will want a selection of a variety of colors and thread weights. The last thing you want to do is find yourself needing to sew on a dark button and only having white thread to do it with. Many stores sell a package of small spools of various thread colors. In addition, there is some wonderful denim thread available if you will be sewing on jeans.

Stitch Gage

A stitch gage looks like a small ruler with a sliding gage on it. The stitch gage is used to help you measure and also to help you sew straight seams and hems every single time.

Taylor’s Chalk

Taylor’s chalk is a must for making markings on your fabric and cutting out patterns. The chalk is easily removed from your final product

Anti-Fray Solution

Anti-fraying solution can be applied to the edges of your fabric to keep it from fraying while you work with it. The solution resembles super glue and can safely be used on most fabrics.

Pinking Shears

Pinking shears are a special type of scissors which cut fabric so that the edges are zigzagged. This zigzagging keeps fragile fabric edges from fraying. If you will be working with a fabric with a tendency to fray, such as satin, you will find that pinking shears make your life a whole lot easier.

Elastic Puller

Elastic pullers are used to pull elastic through casings in your projects. They are very inexpensive and indispensable if you will be working with elastics.

If you take the time to stock your sewing basket with the above items, you will be ready for any sewing emergency or project. And, you can be the hero of the house when a button falls off ten minutes before your family leaves for a special occasion.