17 Lanzarote Beaches – Haria

Haria is the most northern of Lanzarotes seven municipalities. It can thank the Sahara Desert and strong winds for what some regard as Lanzarote finest beaches.

The entire coastline is known as Malpaís de la Corona (“badlands”) and is strewn with white and golden sand which mingles intimately with volcanic magma forming small sheltered bays (a number of which are featured in this article), which are ideal for swimming. This preominently rural area harbours many of the natural marvels of Lanzarote such as Jameos del Agua and La Cueva de Los Verdes (See my related article 23xx on these attractions).
Our first of five beaches being reviewed in this area is known as El Caletón Blanco (“The big inlet”) measuring half a kilometre long and 9 m. wide, consisting of fine white sand.

Camping is also permitted on the beach, but you’ll need to get prior municipal approval at the Lanzarote Town Council (Cabildo). There is ample space for parking and the guaguas (autobus) also stops here.

Our second beach is known as El Risco, measuring 845m long and 8m wide and consisting of fine white sand. This beach gets very windy, although Isla Graciosa shelters it to a degree from the rougher seas. It is a 400m climb down (and back up !), so not for the faint hearted. The waves are moderate.

Our third Beach is known as Caleta Caballo, measuring 60 m long and 7m wide and consisting of white sand with pebbles. It is windy with moderate waves offering good conditions for windsurfing. This is accessible by guaguas (autobus).

Our fourth Beach in this area is known as Caleta del Mojón, measuring 100 m long and 13m wide and consisting of fine white sand and picon (the small black lava stones often found in gardens).

Our fifth and final Beach in this area is known as La Garita, measuring 810m long and 5m wide and consisting of fine white/golden sand. Calm waters make this a good practising ground before you take on the stronger waves elsewhere in the area. Unlike the other rural beaches, this one is in a semi-urban area, has a boardwalk and services such as restaurants, refreshment stands, telephones, parking area, washrooms and even a children’s play area. It is accessible by guaguas (autobus).