11 Lanzarote Beaches – Yaiza

In this particular article (I have written others about beaches in other areas of the island), I will cover beaches in Yaiza, one of the seven municipalities of Lanzarote.

This part of Lanzarote is occupied, principally, by the town of Playa Blanca (once a sleepy fishing village), but in the midst of a major transformation. Playa Blanca extends from the western Pechiguera Point (Where our villa is located in La Goleta, Faro Park) to Coloradas Beach in the east, with the Coloradas Beach effectively becoming the first of the Papagayo coves, which is where I want to start this ‘journey’.
You will have noticed that there is a fair amount of development going on across the broader Playa Blanca area. Visitors will be pleased to hear that building is prohibited beyond this point, so Papagayo Beach will remain completely as nature created it.

Punta de Papagayo, to give it its full name, is located at the most southerly tip of the island and is actually a collection of small beaches (Playa Mujeres, Playa del Pozo, Playa de Papagayo, Playa de La Cera, Puerto Muelas and Caleta del Congrio), with golden sands of between 100m and 400m in length and separated by high cliffs. Access is not as you might expect and given the beaches are remote and not near the main centre, few services are available, so please go prepared (We’d advise taking a cool box packed full of food and drink as you won’t find anywhere to buy a drink or something to eat on these beaches).

Follow the signs to Papagayo from the main LZ-2 Roundabout with the CEPSA garage and you will end up on a bumpy dirt track road (no tarmac and hire companies generally ask that you only venture here in a 4 wheel drive, but this is generally ignored, so you won’t be alone if you choose to ignore this advice). You’ll need to pay a small Toll (2 Euros), before you get the beach top (park by the one and only cafeteria in this area). You need to walk down the sand bank to the beach (and buggies are simply no go, so leave them in the car).

This unspoilt, undeveloped area is surrounded by stunning picture card landscapes, with volcanic ash cliffs, crystal clear waters and fine white & golden sands and is made up of several small bays and coves (if it is beginning to sounds like heaven, it almost is). This is not one of the best beaches on Lanzarote, it is the best beach on the island and one of the best in Europe. Note, that as you move further away from the immediate cove, nude bathing is allowed (so be prepared !).

As you head back towards Playa Blanca, I will take you on a whistle stop tour of ‘the other beaches’. As nice as there are, they do not warrant as much space in this article as Papagayo. First we have Playa de Las Coloradas, a quiet gravel beach 410 m long, far from developed areas and no public services. Next we find the picturesque beach of Playa Blanca, parallel to the restaurant-lined promenade in the village and 40 m of fine golden sand with placid waters. After we pass the harbour (where you can take a daily ferry to Fuerteventura), you will find Playa Flamingo (200 m. of fine white sand, next to Playa Blanca, ideal for scuba diving), Playa Dorada (a sheltered beach of fine white sand, 30m long), both close to all the services that the town has to offer. Here you can rent sports equipment & hammocks.Next we have La Mulata, 80 m. of fine golden sand mixed with gravel (located between Playa Blanca and the Faro de Pechiguera lighthouse), La Campana, 140 m. of fine golden sand (close to the Faro de Pechiguera lighthouse), Montaña Roja, 260 m. of fine golden sand (near the Faro de Pechiguera lighthouse), and finally we end with El Golfo, 150 m. of picturesque black (yes black) sand !